Role of Car Seat Belt & How It Works?

We all know that we have to wear a seat belt after sitting in the car. Also, we are aware of the basics of the seat belt. Why we need it?

To our safety and for protection if we met an accident on the road. However, have you ever thought about how does it work?

We Shall Discuss The Detailed Working of Car Seat Belt

When we put on our belts, sometimes in a hurry, we pulled the seat belt with a jerk. Then we felt that the belt is stuck and not coming out. So, it uniquely designed for this specific phenomenon for our safety. When you pull it out slowly, you can easily drag it out according to your adjustment.

This feature is the primary key of the working in the accidents and unwanted jerks we might have faced on the road. Whenever you may meet the sudden thrust due to the accident or some unexpected situation, you need to push your brake hard. The pivot joint stocks into the crust-tuff structure present in the retractor box and hold the belt to move along with the moment of inertia.

Generally, it consists of two parts one is a belt strap, which is likely in L- Shape. Another part is the primary spring function, which is under our seat. It is called the “retractor box,” which is a spiral spring system with a pivot joint.

There are few more supporting parts of seat belts such as- buckles (which provide grip), seat belt tongue (which stuck with clasp), pillar loops (it is the point above the shoulder).

The working of the car seat belt is effortless but very crucial for driver and passenger safety. You have to visit a car repair workshop immediately if you are facing any issues with it.

Types of Seat Belts

It is an exciting thing to know that there are six types:-

1.     Lap Belts – It is the most common type and present in almost every other vehicle.

2.     Shoulder Belts – It is called a Sash or two-point safety belt.

3.     Three-Point Belts- It stretches across your torso and your lap.

4.     Automatic – It is less common now, and it is same as three-point belts

5.     Belt In Seats (BIS)- It designed for comforts of the passenger with safety.

6.     Five-Point Harness – this type mostly seen in sports cars and adventure sport vehicles.

Visit Car Repair Workshop Today For Your Seat Belt Repair.

The most common scenario in seat belt issue comes in unspool & pulling of the belt. Sometimes retractor box got displaced from its proper position, and you experience the blockage in seat belt pulling.

If you met with an accident, You must visit the car repair workshop for a cross-check. It might be possible that the spring or pivot joint got damaged, and the belt got free or not working correctly. In such cases, you should wait or show any carelessness for seat belt repair.

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