Working & Importance Of Differential Axle in the Car

The wheel is the greatest invention in human history, and it changes the direction of our evolution. The fastened development of the wheel is one of the most noticeable creations. In today’s time, you can see the automotive industries and tire making industries have achieved another level of advancement.

The advance making of tires in the cars is relatively enhanced. We, as a consumer, never thought about the science behind this improved wheels. The mechanics introduced in 1827 changes the meaning of automobile tires functioning.

What Was The Big Change In The Automobile Industry?

The differential axel mechanism invented in 1827 was the noticeable change for the carmakers. Now the question will pop-up in your mind that, What is Differential Axle?. Have you ever noticed the motion speed of wheels while we turn the car left or right? Three tires out of four moving at the same rate while the other one moves comparatively slow.

Here is an exciting fact. We have studied in childhood. If the vehicle is in the motion, the Rate Per Motion put on each wheel will be the same. But what happens when we turn the car left or right?

Suppose you are driving a car, and you take the right turn. So now your front tires and the back-left tire will move at the same speed, but the back right-tire will move slowly. Because the radius of the back-left tire is more, and the back-right tire has significantly less radius in motion.

Role of Differential Axle in Automobile Evolution

In earlier centuries, when differential Axle was not there. It was not possible to drive the vehicle at high speed. At the time of turning, it needed to slow down the car.

After the invention of differential, It is possible to drive the car at high speed. Also, turning and other speed issues got resolved. Today you are driving your car and turning smoothly without any hurdle facing. It is made possible only by the differential.

Illustration of Diff. Axle & It’s Repair Issues

The differential is located between the axles.  The drive axles are on the rotational axis, which is 90° different than the rotational axis of the drive shaft. As shown in the given below diagram, you can see the components used in assembly.

It is the combination of different types of cases, shafts & gear parts, as mentioned below:

  • Differential Cases- It the main body of this part
  • Differential Gears- It is also known as spider gears, it transfers the power to the axle shafts
  • Differential Pins- Pin Keeps the spider gears aligned
  • Pinion Gear- It is the starting point for the internal transfer of driveline power.
  • Ring Gear- tucked directly to the differential case, it is the second point of internal power transfer


Car Repair Workshops To Repair Differential Axle

You can face the damage or problems in the Diff Axle. So, what should we do? Firstly, we need to understand the problem in the differential.

There will be some different types of noise you may hear coming from the differential case.

  1. Howling or Whining Type of Noise
  2. Rumbling Or Whirring Noises
  3. Clunking Noises

Suppose you found out these noises coming from the part. It would help if you visited the car repair workshop as soon as possible. Delay in the repair will cause them more damage to this system.

Any well-equipped car repair workshop with fully vetted mechanics will be a good option for differential axle repair.

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